Tiger Force '70

Left to Right: Ramos, Hound Dog, Pat Bailey, Steve Baldwin, Dennis Motes, Aubrey, Bill Seal, ?, ?, ...

B Company 1970. Shot from inside a helecopter (note black border) good example of hastily created landing zone barely large enough to fit the width of the helicopter blades.

Tiger Force 1970, Dropping in no LZ Baldwin: That was me rappelling. We dropped in several times with no LZ.

Baldwin: being extracted again no LZ. Just hauled out on the end of a rope.

Ramos, Lt[1]. David McWhorter, Bill Seal

Sgt[1]. Steve Baldwin - Bach Ma - 1970

Team Members 1970

Tiger Platoon Oct2 1970

Wild Bill Seal TF 1970 with 90 recoiless

Sgt[1]. Steve Baldwin, Gunner Riley Ahlbom

FSB Veghel 1970

Lt David MacWhorter Tigers 1970

Two Kit Carson Scouts, Tigers

Top Sellers at Eagle Beach