Tiger Force 1968

Tiger Force Recon, 101st Airborne Div. Near A Shau Valley. 1968.
Pictured here are men in one of the elite teams formed by the 101st Airborne for the purpose of recon and long range patrols. This group represents some of the finest soldiers in the world.
Thanks to T.J. McGinley for recovering this photo and Zeke Blevins, Lew Legat, for helping with names.

front row, extreme left, red hair; Geothe
front row, second from left, in beret; Sgt. Jeff Paige
front row, center, winking; Riddle
front row, extreme right, boonie hat; Chris Elledge
second row, extreme left, "hook'm horns"; Sgt. Dwight Lane
second row, second from left, beret; Roberto "Mouse" Campos
second row, third from left, boonie hat; Roy "Zeke" Blevins
center row, extreme right, beret; Ray Wynn
rear row, extreme left; T.J. "Mac" McGinley
rear row, second from left; SSG. John G. Gertsch, CMH(P)
rear row, third from left; Myself, "Doc" Ortega
rear row, extreme right; Lew Legat