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These photos were sent to me by LT John Carey, Tiger Force LT in 66. John sends this list of Tiger Force commanders: John Carey, relieved by CPT Tom Agerton, with John staying as a second officer. Agerton on R&R during prison camp raid 9/66, shot while Carey was on R&R in Dec 66, Carey returned, and took over again, then joined by 1stLT Joe Kube who later took over from Carey, when he went to C company.

The captions are from captions typed on the original pictures. 


LT Carey trying to warm up on a hill top near Kon Tum.


After climbing all day to top this mountain, these Tigers were told to go back down. In Carey's words: "You had to either laugh or cry". L-R: Sgt Ford, 1st LT Joe Kube, who took over from Carey, an unknown RTO, and SFC Joel Wood


LT Carey trying to dry out and warm up on a ridge line near Kon Tum.


"Would you believe Ice Cold Beer?" Members of Tiger Force 1/327, pause for an ice cold beer in the middle of an operation. The beer was flown in and awarded to the Tiger Force by the 101 AVN Battalion, as a reward for capturing the first prisoner of Operation John Paul Jones. Personell in the photo are: SSG Frank Holbrook, SGT Cleve Ross (or Rose), SGT Oscar Dudley, and LT John Carey." Dudley was medivac'd the next day for malaria, and never returned


2 of many RTO's. Robin Varney is the one closest to camera, UNK next to him.


SGT Budd inspecting B-52 damage.


Looking back from Point, near Kon Tum, Dec 66 or Jan 67.


Jimmy Clark, with Damaged M-16, Near Kom Tum, 1/67.


Hill 51, L-R: SGT Cleve Rose, SGT Christian Girard, PSGT John Breen, LT Carey kneeling.


Just before the "Stay-behind" mission 8/66 Arty FO LT Wall in front, Lt Carey in hammock. The NVA used this same site to set up their base camp, a few days later, under the eyes of the Tigers.


Sergeant Evans and his team trying to find some shade, Tuy Hoa, 9/66.


Sgt Evans manning an "aquired" .50 cal BMG on Hill 51. The Tiger with binoculars may be Jerry Ruiter who was KIA 12/66.


"Tiger Force Number One!! The 1/327 commander, LTC Walter E Meinzen poses with the first POW during Operation John Paul Jones an NVA Jr Captain captured by the Tiger Force. In the insert is the Captain's Chicom Tokarov pistol." Tigers had written "Tiger Force No. 1" on his chest with merthiolate.


CP Bunker on Hill 51, L-R: SGT Patterson, Arty FO, PFC Ford Arty RTO, Jimmy Clark, Tiger RTO, "Doc" York, SGT Holbrook.

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