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Stan Parker


SGT Stan Parker was assigned to Tiger Force as a PIO photographer from Division. He had been in another infantry unit, and had been wounded twice. Because of being wounded, he had the choice of any job in the rear. His 1st Sergeant insisted that there would be trouble if he stayed out in the field and got wounded again, so finally prevailed and sent Stan to the rear. When Stan was at division PIO, he was asked what he wanted to do, and he promptly said, "Send me to Tiger Force!"


Parker carrying an M-60 Machine Gun, and 400 rounds of 7.62 NATO, while with Tigers. Stan was an accomplished and highly decorated infantryman


Eating Lipton soup mix, a welcome package from home for livening up bland meals or alone to warm up.


Pictured here on a light patrol, with 2 bandoleers of 20 round M-16 magazines and a taped M-16.


Standing in the field near Phu Loc with "Raider" Rick and "Zeke" Blevins.


Stan and Ben "Babysan" Croxton


Stan is still full time active duty, with Special Forces. He jumped in the military jump at the Air Show at the 2000 101st Airborne Reunion. Shown here at the Wall in Wahington, placing a memorial wreath.


Stan and Ben "Babysan" Croxton 1999.

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