This group of photos was sent to me by Tiger Dennis Hamblin. In his own words: "...In February of '69 almost the entire Tiger Force was reformed. It seems like 3 or 4 of us were selected from each company in the 1/327th. The remaining Tigers were few- Sergeants Field, Paige and Gertsch and a couple of "short-timers ("Lurch" for one). 

Most were draftees, country boys with about 4 months in country, many, like myself hadn't gone to jump school. In little timethough with the leadership we had, we became a tight group and were all proud to be Tigers." 

"John [Gertsch] saved my life more than once. I had to carry his body up the hill to the LZ the day he was killed. After that the Tigers were never the same for me. Two months later I went home."