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C, 1/327, Veghel

Before I went out to Tiger Force, I was assigned as a medic with C company, 1/327. Everything I learned about being a boonie rat, I learned in C company, everything I learned about sneaking in the woods, I learned in C company. If I was anything of a soldier, anything of a medic, anything of a warrior, I learned it with the men of C company. These are a few of those noble men.

Interesting to note that in the Division level reports the site for Veghel was deemed too heavily forested to warrent it's use as a firebase. The report clearly states that too much defoliant, blasting and clearing would have to take place to justify taking it and establishing a fire base. Of course, some bright SOB at division headquarters couldn't let intelligent thinking get in the way of spending a few lives, so we took Veghel in a costly and protracted assault that cost too many lives.


A Shau Valley as seen from Bertchesgaden or Eagles Nest. The Air strip at A Shau and the abandonded Special Forces Camp is easily seen below. The low clouds are Artilery strikes from 175 mm and 8" guns. Photo by Bernard Lipke


Tigers walking off Veghel. This is not too long after Veghel was taken, since the bunkers are not yet built, for the perimeter. Instead one can see the rather fresh clearing work, and rudimentary fighting positions.


These 2 photos show Firebase Veghel from a helicopeter just before landing, within a few weeks of being taken.

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