C, 1/327, Veghel

Before I went out to Tiger Force, I was assigned as a medic with C company, 1/327. Everything I learned about being a boonie rat, I learned in C company, everything I learned about sneaking in the woods, I learned in C company. If I was anything of a soldier, anything of a medic, anything of a warrior, I learned it with the men of C company. These are a few of those noble men.


Interesting to note that in the Division level reports the site for Veghel was deemed too heavily forested to warrent it's use as a firebase. The report clearly states that too much defoliant, blasting and clearing would have to take place to justify taking it and establishing a fire base. Of course, some bright SOB at division headquarters couldn't let intelligent thinking get in the way of spending a few lives, so we took Veghel in a costly and protracted assault that cost too many lives.