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This is an example of the Tiger Force patch from 1966.  It was sent in by Rick Ammon (Tigers 66)


Below is a from a home display owned by Richard Hise, Tiger medic from 67/68. Richard was one of the first persons to suggest I consider going out to Tigers.
#1. Top round patch; Made July 67 in Phan Rang
#2. Yellow bordered patch with skull: 4 made by Hong Kong tailor, acquired from Jim Cassidy (67/68) aproximately Jan 68.
#3. Middle patch, no border: Drawn by Rick Hise, Oct 67 made in Japan, 300 made for 1st SGT John Kazmin. Cost 2.00 each.
#4. Bottom patch: Made after April 68. Acquired from Ralph Mayhew, Tiger Medic.

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