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Team Photos

Tiger Force 1966


Photo courtesy: Gary Kornatowski (Little Ski)

Tiger Force 1966


Tigers at base camp 1967 - Photo from Rion Causey

Tiger Force 1968


Tiger Force Recon, 101st Airborne Div. Near A Shau Valley. 1968.
Pictured here are men in one of the elite teams formed by the 101st Airborne for the purpose of recon and long range patrols. This group represents some of the finest soldiers in the world.
Thanks to T.J. McGinley for recovering this photo and Zeke Blevins, Lew Legat, for helping with names.



front row, extreme left, red hair;Geothe

front row, second from left, in beret;Sgt. Jeff Paige

front row, center, winking;Riddle

front row, extreme right, boonie hat;Chris Elledge

second row, extreme left, "hook'm horns";Sgt. Dwight Lane

second row, second from left, beret;Roberto "Mouse" Campos

second row, third from left, boonie hat;Roy "Zeke" Blevins

center row, extreme right, beret;Ray Wynn

rear row, extreme left;T.J. "Mac" McGinley

rear row, second from left;SSG. John G. Gertsch, CMH(P)

rear row, third from left;Myself, "Doc" Ortega

rear row, extreme right;Lew Legat

Tiger Force 1969


This photo sent by LT Warren D Cook. Camp Eagle, in the Phu Bai area.1969. The soldier with his hand on his hat is a medic. Identifiable by the spaghetti tubing (tournequet)on the front of his shirt. Several men are carrying ropes, imlying activity on steep ground. Grubby unifornms means they just got in from the field, and gathered to shoot the picture before scattering for stand down "activities". Names and position in the photo to follow. If you see yourself, contact me.

Tiger Force 1970


Second from Left: Mike Krietenstein
Fourth from Left: Steve Baldwin
Sixth from Left: Dennis E. Moats
Far Right: Sgt. Cy Mathews

Photo and Names courtesy: Tiger Don

Tiger Force 2007


Tiger Force 2010

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